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Volume 53, Number 13   November 7, 2005         

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Organizing New Orleans
Sheila Tully, lecturer in anthropology, contributed comments to an Oct. 7 story in The NewStandard about the fight over how to rebuild New Orleans. "What local folks have to do is to make it very, very difficult for any project to move forward without accountability to local activists and local communities.… That's going to require a high level of organizing," she said.

Endorsing Arnold
Corey Cook
, assistant professor of political science, appeared on Channel 2's Oct. 10 newscast to comment on Sen. John McCain's trip to California to endorse Gov. Schwarzenegger's state reform plan. "The lead story is going to be our celebrity governor who so many people thought he was going to fix the state ... needed to bring in a celebrity person to campaign on his policy initiatives," he said. "What does that tell you about his political position?"

Parents packing it in
The San Francisco Chronicle, CBS 5 and other local media reported on a survey conducted by SFSU's Public Research Institute on the attitudes and plans of San Francisco families. According to the Oct. 22 Chronicle story, "[n]early half the families in San Francisco with preschool children stated in a newly released survey their intent to move out of the city in the next three years, citing the lack of affordable housing, concern over public safety and the state of the public schools as their primary motivators."

Scary payoffs
An Oct. 26 Oakland Tribune story explored some of the reasons why people enjoy being scared. "We build up tension in our lives and we need a way to release it," said Jeffrey LeRoux, lecturer in psychology. "Being scared or scaring others is a way to release that tension. Especially around Halloween you see people testing their boundaries of fear. The further those boundaries are pushed, the greater the payoff."

Box out the initiatives
In an Oct. 30 Los Angeles Time opinion piece, Jules Tygiel, professor of history, suggested that the state of California's voter initiative process has hampered the ability of the legislature to govern the state adequately. Tygiel wrote: "If Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger really wants to 'blow up the boxes' in Sacramento, he should sponsor one two-line initiative: There shall be no further initiatives. All previous initiatives may be modified by a majority vote of the Legislature."

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