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Volume 52, Number 5   September 13, 2004         

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SFSU was awarded $394,456 for the second part of April, $1,041,064 in May and $5,117,377 in June.

David Anderson, Kinesiology, "Experimental/Naturalistic Studies on Locomotor Experiences," National Institutes of Health, $59,944.

Jeffrey Greensite, Physics and Astronomy, "Theoretical High-Energy Physics-- Year 9," U.S. Dept.of Energy, $100,000.

Mary Beth Love, Health Education, "Supplement to Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Studies," City and County of San Francisco, $7,500.

Edward Luby, Museum Studies, "A Re-analysis of the Shell-mounds of the San Francisco Bay Area," National Science Foundation, $27,768.

Charlotte Ferretti, Marian WrightEdelman Institute, "Children's Council Post Qualification Childcare Certification," City and County of San Francisco, $77,229.

Adam Burke, Holistic Healing, "Yoga Meditation and Health," National Institutes of Health, $19,007.

Zheng Hui He, Biology, "CAREER: Genetic Dissection of Signaling Pathway," National Science Foundation, $103,098.

Nicholas Certo, Special Education, "Oakland Special Education Teacher Internship Program," Oakland Unified School District, $39,682.

Eric Hsu, Mathematics, "CAREER: Math Teachers in Online and Live Communities of Practice," National Science Foundation, $81,092.

Jean Van Keulen, Urban Institute, "Headstart Program PA-2 Basic-- Year 5," U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, $393,082; "SFSU Headstart Program's Facility Renovation," U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, $357,000.

Raymond Trautman, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "An Adaptive Hypermedia Textbook for General Chemistry," National Science Foundation, $74,864.

Marlon Hom, Asian American Studies, "Pinay Educational Partnership," City and County of San Francisco, $2,500.

Leonard Sklar, Geosciences, "Collaborative Research: Bedrock and Sediment Controls on River Incision, Henry Mountains," National Science Foundation , $20,203.

Jessica Fields, Sociology, "Peer Sexuality Education and Same-Sex Attracted and Queer Youth," American Psychological Foundation, $4,996.

Martha Roditti, Social Work, "Fairness and Equity/YOUTH Projects," State of California, $34,645.

Carlos Crocker, Biology, "Biological Assessment of Green Sturgeon in San Francisco-Sacramento Watershed," CALFED, $18,000.

Dawn Terrell, Psychology, "Jumpstart Klein Foundation Grant," Klein Foundation, $15,000.

Frank Bayliss, Biology, "MARC -- U *STAR Program," National Institutes of Health, $783,494.

Deborah Tolman, Human Sexuality Studies, "Beyond Pregnancy, Parenthood and AIDS," Ford Foundation, $150,000.

Charlotte Ferretti, Marian Wright Edelman Institute, "Early Child Care Initiative," Miriam and Peter Hass Fund, $215,000; "Early Care and Education," Dept. of Children, Youth and their Families, $10,000.

Eileen Levy, Social Work, "Child Welfare Training," City and County of San Francisco, $196,248; "California Public Regional Training-- Year 6," Calif. Dept. of Social Services, $348,669; "San Francisco Foster Parent Project," City and County of San Francisco, $132,855; "Alameda Brown Bag Lunch YOUTH Training," Alameda County, $5,885.

Miu Chung Yan, Social Work, "Program Evaluation for Skills for Life," Charity Cultural Services Center, $7,000.

James Wiley, Public Research Institute, "Colorectal Screening in Vietnamese -- Year 2," National Cancer Institute -- National Institutes of Health, $72,550.

Jacob Perea, College of Education, "Teacher Preparation Support, fiscal year 2003-04," City College of San Francisco, $10,000.

Susan Alunan, Urban Institute, "Child's Adjustable Wheelchair and Alternative Propulsion," U.S. Dept. of Education, $42,000.

Gilbert Herdt, Human Sexuality Studies, "National Sexuality Resource Center," Ford Foundation, $1,000,000.

Bruce Macher, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs , "U56 -- Recruitment Core -- Year 3," National Institutes of Health, $47,500; "U56 -- Planning and Evaluation -- Year 3," National Institutes of Health, $48,443; "U56 -- Administration -- Year 3," National Institutes of Health, $82,935.

Dawn Terrell, Psychology, "Jumpstart -- Start Up Funds Summer 2004," Governor's Office for Service and Volunteerism, $9,000.

Lily Chen, Biology, "MBRS-SCORE -- Year 9," National Institutes of Health, $52,500.

Sacha Bunge, Psychology, "Career Opportunities in Research at SFSU," National Institutes of Health, $236,720.

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