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Volume 52, Number 17  December 13, 2004         

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CampusMemo accepts submissions to the Insiders column from members of the campus community. Items must reflect faculty or staff achievements beyond the campus, e.g., papers/lectures given at professional meetings; appointments to boards; books/articles published; performances, exhibits, readings of works off campus; awards and honors, etc. Please submit items no more than six months old. Items are edited for space.

Deadline for submissions to "Insiders" is the 10th of the month preceding publication. Send submissions to: Please include a contact name and extension.

Behavioral and Social Sciences
E. Barbara Phillips
, Sociology (emerita), presented a lecture/slide show on the Quercy region's architecture, food, cave paintings and Lot Valley on Nov. 21 at the Latitude Cultural Center in Berkeley.

Creative Arts
Four faculty members from Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts presented papers at the annual convention of the National Communication Association held Nov. 12-14 in Chicago.

Chul Heo presented "Technical 'Know-Hows' in the Production of Emotion: Critical Readings of Production Manuals from 1950s to the Present" and "Selling the Quality Television Audience: Consumer Culture and the Historical Constitution of the Desirable Audience within the TV Advertising Industry (1940 to the Present)."

Dina Ibrahim presented "Framing of Islam on Network News Post-9/11."

Brent Malin presented "Marketing Resistance: Photojournalistic Images of Political Protest in the 1920s and 1930s," "Imagining the Public: Stereoscopic Imagery in the Early 20th Century United States," "Mediating Emotion: Social Science, Technology, and Emotional Management in the Payne Fund Studies," and "Kairos and the Other Gender: Teaching about Masculinity."

Melissa Camacho presented "The Challenge of Negotiating Empowerment in Aerobics: Rhetorical Contradictions in Denise Austin's Daily Workouts."

Miriam Smith, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, gave presentations on "The U.S. Television Industry" at Shanghai International University and Jiao Tong University in China in October.

Health and Human Services
"The Effects of Upright and Slumped Postures on the Recall of Positive and Negative Thoughts" by Erik Peper, Health Education/Holistic Healing Studies, was recently published in Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

Lu Rehling, Technical and Professional Writing, presented "Designing a Program for the Full Spectrum of Workplace Writing Career Goals" at the Meeting of the Council on Programs in Technical Scientific Communication held Oct. 8 at Purdue University. "Perspectives on Professional Writing from an Academic and Practitioner: A Conversation with Lu Rehling," a feature interview with Rehling, appeared recently in Issues in Writing. And the December edition of Business Communication Quarterly includes an article by Rehling titled "Improving Teamwork Through Awareness of Conversational Styles."

"Rough Translation," a short nonfiction piece by Toni Mirosevich, Creative Writing, appeared in the anthology The Impossible Will Take a Little While, edited by Paul Loeb and published by Basic Books.

Letters to Mina Harker by Dodie Bellamy, Creative Writing, was recently published by University of Wisconsin Press.

Travel, Communication and Geography in Late Antiquity: Sacred and Profane, co-edited by Linda Ellis, Museum Studies, and Frank Kidner, History, was recently published by Ashgate Publishing.

Mercilee Jenkins, Speech and Communication Studies, was awarded the 2004 Leslie Irene Coger Award for Distinguished Performance by the National Communication Association at an awards ceremony held Nov. 13 in Chicago.

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