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Budget update II -- August 2004

NOTE: The following e-mail message was sent by President Robert A. Corrigan to SFSU faculty and staff on August 27, 2004.

Dear Colleagues:

Since my last budget message, we have received our final 2004-05 budget from the Chancellor's Office, and with it, a welcome infusion of $3,862,200 in general fund monies -- some $500,000 more than we had been told to anticipate. As I mentioned in my speech to the faculty last Monday, we are now able to close the major gaps with which we were starting the year and, I am pleased to report, to restore some items that had been cut.

In Academic Affairs, we have restored approximately $1.13 million to classroom instruction. This reduces the lecturer cut from $1.8 million to about $668,000 and ensures that we have as many classroom seats this fall as last. We have restored the classroom renovation budget of some $245,000. We also have been able to increase the budget for library acquisitions, instructional equipment, instructional operating expense, and Audio Visual enhancements. Finally, we have eliminated the $800,000 unallocated reduction that Academic Affairs had faced. Deferred maintenance has regained its $1 million allocation, thus avoiding a downward spiral of delay and consequent damage.

As we start a new academic year, I hope that you share my spirit of optimism and pride in this University. I look forward to another year of collegial and constructive work together.

-- Robert A. Corrigan, president



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