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College Reorganization

Note: The following e-mail was sent on 6/30/11 to all faculty and staff.


Dear colleague,

Effective July 1, 2011, we become a University better-positioned to withstand the realities of state funding, when the new six-college structure goes into effect. This change reflects more than a year of discussion, consultation and input from hundreds of faculty and staff, coupled with two faculty referenda. This is one of many steps we are taking to grapple with the ever-challenging state budget.


My thanks to the deans, administrators, faculty and staff who have worked over the past months to lay the groundwork for this change. Much of the administrative infrastructure has been updated to ensure that departments, personnel, budget and course offerings are aligned with the appropriate college. With that foundation in place, on July 1 deans can begin to welcome and orient faculty and staff who are new to their college, and to work collectively to shape an efficient, student-centered entity.


We have attempted to make these administrative changes as seamless as possible for the University community. Academic departments remain unchanged; faculty and staff still report to their same chair or supervisor; no physical movement of departments has occurred. Other efforts will take time, as departments, for example, make the virtual "move" to a new college website or faculty and staff learn the workings of a new college.


Despite many hours of preparation, questions undoubtedly will arise. The process for faculty and staff to address questions remains unchanged: your first line of contact is your immediate supervisor, who will consult with his/her supervisor, chair or dean if they do not have an immediate answer.


Reorganization -- like the budget realities that have prompted it -- is a work in progress. A successful transition will require creativity, flexibility and cooperation, along with a good measure of time and patience. The ultimate reward is a University that is better positioned to provide access and a quality education for students. I thank you in advance for the role you will play in moving our University forward.


--Robert A. Corrigan, president


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