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Referendum Outcome and University Reorganization

Note: The following e-mail was sent on 2/25/11 to all faculty and staff.


Dear Colleague:


After reviewing the report and recommendations of the University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC), I wrote to you on February 4 and noted that I would ask the Academic Senate to conduct a referendum on reorganizing the University’s college structure. The Senate launched the referendum on February 11. Voting ended on February 22. In the intervening days, nearly 600 members of the faculty cast votes and more than 250 members of our community submitted substantive comments by means of an online feedback tool.


By any measure, the referendum elicited broad participation: more votes were cast in this referendum than in any other university-wide faculty vote in our history and the comments received have been extensive, substantive, and thoughtful. I take great pride in the SF State community's willingness to grapple with difficult issues with a good spirit, civility, open dialogue -- and always with an eye toward how we can best serve our students.


On Wednesday, the Academic Senate released the certified results of the referendum. While two of the alternatives failed to secure faculty approval, one alternative -- "alternative two" -- received the support of a majority of the faculty who voted on it. This approval of alternative two, which comprises six colleges and a graduate school of education, has confirmed what both Provost Rosser and I believe: a six-plus-one model will serve our University well.


We will continue to review the feedback elicited by the referendum and also continue to meet with department chairs in an effort to confirm the best possible home for each unit. Based on these meetings, we may refine the final structure prior to implementing any changes.


The feedback tool established in concert with the referendum will continue to accept submissions from faculty and staff through the end of the day today, Friday, February 25. The link is: http://www.sfsu.edu/~news/announce/feedback.htm After today, please feel free to share your concerns by emailing president@sfsu.edu


Through this academic reorganization and implementation of the other strategies that emerged from UPAC, we hope to preserve both SF State jobs and the high quality education that is both our mission and our pride.


I want to commend UPAC for prompting this vital conversation, the Academic Senate for facilitating this instructive referendum, all the members of the faculty who participated by casting a vote in the referendum, and members of the campus community who have offered -- and will continue to offer -- their insights and advice as we move forward.


--Robert A. Corrigan, president

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