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Keeping SF State Smoke-Free

Note: the following e-mail was sent on 3/18/10 to all students.


Dear Student:


We have tried for several years to uphold the smoke-free policy at SF State through educational campaigns and voluntary respect for the health requirements of non-smokers. Despite these efforts, violations of the policy have continued and we have received serious complaints from non-smokers about the infractions. It is now time to put penalties in place that will help enforce the policy.

I have directed the University Police Department to issue citations for violations of the campus smoke-free policy, beginning Monday, April 12, 2010.

The fine for each violation will be $58.

This is a strong measure intended to ensure our policy is effectively enforced. Funds collected from citations will be used to support smoke-free efforts on campus, including awareness campaigns and smoking cessation programs. Students who fail to pay fines will have a financial hold placed on their accounts, restricting their ability to register for classes.

In addition, the University has reduced the number of designated smoking areas on campus to four: those at Font Boulevard, North State Drive and State Drive that serve the residence hall community. Please visit the smoke-free Web site at www.sfsu.edu/smokefree to view locations and the full policy.

This furthers the commitment of our campus to become completely smoke-free, and I hope it will fully respond to the complaints and feedback that we have received from non-smokers on campus.

Eliminating many smoking areas will respond to the needs of faculty, staff and students with offices and classrooms near smoking areas who have complained of smoke, noise and trash at the sites, as well as smoke that travels into classrooms and offices.

Lastly, we have a range of programs and services available for any member of the campus community who needs help in breaking the smoking habit. Visit the health education section of the Student Health Services Web site at www.sfsu.edu/~shs/ for information on smoking cessation programs and other resources.


--Robert A. Corrigan,

SF State Home