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Think green, act sustainably on move-in day

August 13 , 2010 -- As SF State prepares to welcome 2,400 new residents to campus housing Aug. 18, students and their families are asked to reduce waste on campus and achieve a sustainable move-in.

Photo of students sorting recycling items in the dorms.

Students sorting recycling items in the dorms.

"We often find that parents and students over-supply for the process of moving away from home," said Jim Bolinger, director of community relations. "Many items end up unused or left in dumpsters and recycling bins at the end of the year. We encourage students to bring less to campus and to communicate with their roommates to avoid bringing duplicate items that won't be used."

On move-in day, parents are advised to take cardboard boxes home so they can be re-used, or to drop them in to the large recycling bins behind each residence building. Coat hangers saved from last year's residents will be available for free at the community desk in each residence building.

While living on campus, students are expected to sort their own trash and recycle everything possible. Black trash bins and blue recycling bins are provided for each apartment, and each building has a compost bin on the ground floor. 

"Students will find a recycling and composting guide in every room," Bolinger said. "Our hope is that if they learn these sustainable habits from day one on campus, they will take them with them wherever they live in the future."

Learn more about sustainability at SF State at: www.sfsu.edu/~sustain/

Learn more about move-in day at: www.sfsu.edu/~housing/Move-In%20Day/fall_move_in.html

-- Elaine Bible


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