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New students: accept your admission offer by May 1

April 1, 2009 -- Undergraduate students who have been admitted to SF State and plan to enroll in classes for fall 2009 must indicate their "intent to register" by May 1. Graduate students must declare their intent to register by May 1 or within two weeks of their admission date if they are admitted after April 15. Students must state their enrollment plans through the online Intent to Register system.

Photo of a crowd of students on the quad at an open house event for prospective students

Students on the quad at an open house event for prospective students.

"Students wishing to attend SF State next semester must complete the online Intent to Register process by May 1 in order to guarantee their place," said Jo Volkert, associate vice president of enrollment management and planning. "This process allows students to lock in their choice of attending SF State and it helps us to plan the right class schedules and course sections for the students who will be here."

All newly admitted students, both undergraduate and graduate, need to file their intent to register online. Freshmen and transfer students who miss the May 1 deadline will be placed on a waitlist and will not be allowed to attend unless space becomes available.

-- Complete the Intent to Register process through the SF State Application Status Web site at https://www.sfsu.edu/online/appstat.htm

-- Find out more about Intent to Register at www.sfsu.edu/~admisrec/reg/ITRfaq.html

-- Elaine Bible


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