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Exhibit spotlights Asian American Art

December 19, 2008 -- "Setting Sun: Sacramento Valley," a 1925 scroll painting by Chiura Obata is one of 95 pieces by Asian American artists on display in the deYoung Museum as part of "Asian/American/Modern Art: Shifting Currents, 1900-1970." The exhibit is co-curated by Professor of Art Mark Dean Johnson, and is the result of more than a decade of research into artists whose work has largely been ignored by the art community. "You can't think about American music without embracing the influence of African Americans," Johnson said "Maybe we will reach the day when we think about American art without acknowledging the influence of Asian Americans."

A photograph of 'Setting Sun: Sacramento Valley,' a 1925 scroll painting by Chiura Obata.

"Setting Sun: Sacramento Valley," a 1925 scroll painting by Chiura Obata.

The exhibit features a photograph of San Francisco's Chinatown by Art Department visual curator Irene Poon, who also contributed significant research to the project. The exhibit will move to New York where it will be on display at the Noguchi Museum beginning in February. The exhibit coincides with the release of, "Asian American Art: A History, 1850-1970," an extensive book produced through collaboration by researchers at UCLA, SF State and Stanford's Asian American Art Project, which Johnson co-directs.  

-- For more information about the exhibit, visit www.famsf.org/deyoung/exhibitions

-- Michael Bruntz


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