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Environmental films sprout up on Green Screen

May 31, 2005

Photo of Javna, a young Sami (Lap) boy who hopes to heard reindeer one day, and the subject of one of Stefan Jarl's documentariesThe Green Screen Environmental Film Festival, presented by SFSU’s International Center for the Arts' Documentary Film Institute, takes place June 1-5 at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. The festival is part of the first-ever San Francisco celebration of United Nations World Environment Day 2005 and will showcase more than 30 feature-length and short films and documentaries that explore the wonders of and dangers to the planet's diverse ecosystems.

The film festival kicks off with a program, co-sponsored by the Sierra Club, on "The Arctic in Peril." The slate of films includes "Oil on Ice," filmmakers Bo Boudart's and Dale Djerassi's documentary on the government's attempts to extract oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska; "Never Cry Wolf," Carroll Ballard's dramatic film about the Inuit people and Arctic wolves during a Northern winter; and "Father, Son and Holy Torum," a film by Mark Soosaar depicting the destruction that oil derricks have brought to Alaskan soil and the Khanty tribe's hunting land.

Films on a wide range of issues will be shown over the following four days. Several screenings will be free. For a complete list see the Green Screen Web site.

The festival closes June 5 with a tribute to Swedish filmmaker Stefan Jarl and a sneak preview of the upcoming Miramax film "Deep Blue."

Jarl has employed both traditional documentary and dramatic narrative techniques to build a body of work that examines how rural and urban environments react to and are shaped by technology and other forms of modernization. Four of his films -- "Nature's Revenge," "Javna, Reindeer Herdsman in the Year 2000," "Threat," and "The Land of the Samis" -- will be screened.

"Deep Blue," by Andy Byatt and Alastair Fothergill, was shot over three years in a range of locations including the Maldives, Azores, Cayman Islands and Bermuda. The filmmakers used state-of-the-art technology to capture the beauty and oddities found in the depths of the ocean.

General admission for the festival is $10. Tickets are available during the festival at the Castro Theater Box Office or online at For details, visit the Green Film Festival Web site or call (415) 338-1236.

The International Center for the Arts, created with a generous gift from SFSU alumni George and Judy Marcus, celebrates some of the world's most innovative art and artists, with a focus on documentary films and visual art.

-- Student Writer Lisa Rau with William Morris


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