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September 24, 2002

The San Francisco State University Division of Information Technology held its second annual IT Day today, providing an opportunity for SFSU colleges and departments to show off their innovative uses of technology.

Highlighting the day's events, President Robert A. Corrigan announced the University's new wireless network. SFSU is among the first group of CSU campuses to provide wireless Internet access to its students. Currently the network is available in the Library and on the main lawn in the center of campus. Students, faculty and staff who have access to laptops with a wireless card will be able to log on to the network. Those who don't have a wireless card will be able to check one out from the J. Paul Leonard Library. Other building and areas of campus will be added to the network over the next year.

President Corrigan sends a wireless e-mailPresident Corrigan (left) inaugurated the wireless network's availability by sending an e-mail from a laptop located on the podium to a laptop located a few feet away and manned by Leroy Morishita, vice president for administration and finance. Morishita opened the e-mail message and read it to the assembled crowd: "There is light at the end of the tunnel."

a student hooked up to the lie detectorGraduate students from the Psychology Department hooked volunteers (right) up to a lie detector machine and asked probing yes-or-no questions. The volunteer's heart, breathing and perspiration and body temperature rates were displayed on a screen so viewers could observe any rate spikes that might indicate the volunteer was lying.

A student at the ergonomics tableRepresentatives from SFSU's Institute for Holistic Healing Studies and the Office of Risk Management (left) discussed ergonomic computing equipment and healthy computing habits.

The mascot with a studentMore than 15 companies displayed products of interest to the academic community. Exhibitors included leading tech companies such as Cisco, Apple, Sun and Microsoft., a company that provides online job listings, brought its company mascot (right) in tow.

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