The Onset Exits and the Damage Done treat philosophy itself as impossible.
— Louis Althusser, For Marx

One of these good old days, I'm gonna call your name.
— Al Green

Though made however visible, the signal
success becomes an end for putting up
one's evidence. The result is what sagged
thick beneath the contrary pole, sort of handed
down from the dishonor attaching to
productive early consequences of
your ownership. And so it is to be
"community" no longer but a stain,
dependent for its livelihood on yes.

Form of wasted effort

Apparatus evident

In evidence rendered

Leisure in "housewifing"

Rendered as a verb

to some few cheap false goods conspicuously
outset in philosophy. The floorplan,
the voyage to the backing of the mirror
and back to front the openness of this
enclosure.2 Its cross-eyed binocular
windowing of options from the desktop
horizoning the line of sight behind

the head.
The drudged
caption floats
to title

justified columns that
direct each direct
expression of classed
schemata, bent space.
Past life replanted
in the yard that
hasn't time for second
planted feet to take
the straddled upright measure of ruled, unruly stance.

A certain number bend their energies
to shape, living up the walls. Time enough
for severance—
give that repetitive
stress injury a final grunt by way
of compensation. When you think
to leave, your key drops through the slot, like mail,
stamps you with the ring of self-address.


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