The Onset Exits and the Damage Done
Taylor Brady


Once upon a time, you could say anything nice, but you didn't say anything at all. Diacritical ultimatums interrupted dinner with definitions withheld from view so as to grow huge and ravenous in the dark. I am making this up, of course, as others made it up then, and thus the accusation leveled by a doctor and anatomist of fact named Duplex, had it been voiced at that time, would resonate still and call me to account, but since after all I am the one who makes this up, and since I did, and since what is done is done in that image, it turned out that the good doctor had mortified his voice1 as an act of contrition for the grossness of a speech impediment as of that evening still entirely prospective, and so no accusation was made, though a list of sorts was made up. Have I proven my spontaneity to you, and do you feel free of the memory of that night, reading over the transcription? Have you swallowed your tongue, or mine, and can I make it up to you?


Issue Two
Table of Contents