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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Counseling across cultures (4th ed.).

Author: Pedersen,-Paul-B. (Ed); Draguns,-Juris-G. (Ed); Lonner,-Walter-J. (Ed); Trimble,-Joseph-E. (Ed)
Author Background:
Date 1/1/96
Type Book
Journal Title: Thousand Oaks, CA, USA: Sage Publications, Inc. (1996). xvii, 373 pp.
Subject Matter Interpersonal and Social Intervention
Abstract (from the cover) Counseling Across Cultures offers a comprehensive examination of the increasing priority of culture in the counseling process. The contributors examine the cultural context of accurate assessment and appropriate interventions in counseling, highlighting work with various ethnic and minority groups. /// Both a . . . guide for counseling practitioners and a source for researchers and professors, this book is also a resource for students in counseling, psychology, and social work. ((c) 1999 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved)