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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Community Development and Social Support Networks of Families in Singapore

Author: Tiong, Tan Ngoh; Lee, Alexander; Ow, Rosaleen; Liang, Ngiam Tee; Hong, Ong Teck; Mehta, Kalyani; Tan, Vicky; See, Chew Yee
Author Background:
Date 9/1/98
Type Journal
Journal Title: Asia-Pacific-Journal-of-Social-Work
Volume/Pages 1998, 8, 2, Sept, 88-95
Subject Matter Community Development
Abstract Social support & its impact on community development are important issues in the daily lives of Singaporeans, yet little research has been done among this population, & it is doubtful that Western research frameworks would be applicable. Reported here is a project to develop appropriate scales to identify & measure social support in Singapore so that databases can be constructed for extensive research in this area, differentiating among the various segments of this multicultural society. Implications for social work practice & for strengthening the fabric of the population at both the societal & family levels are emphasized. 25 References. S. Stanton