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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Cohabitation in the Time of Cholera Praxis in the Community Sector in the Era of Corporate Capitalism

Author: Onyx, J. et al.
Author Background:
Type Journal
Journal Title: Community-Development-Journal
Volume/Pages 34(3) 179-190
Subject Matter Community Development Globalization
Abstract Responds to Gary Craig's (1998) overview of the current state of the community sector within a global corporate capitalist economy. A contribution is made to an analysis of factors underlying the current state of what Craig calls ideological confusion within & beyond the sector by exploring the various contradictory ideological strands that have accompanied the project of modernization, & their relative status at the end of the millennium. The concept of praxis as an appropriate methodology for action by those in the community sector is revived. Strategic issues - those of the current economic rationalist policies of the state & of state enticement of the sector into collaborative ventures - that the sector needs to consider in taking strategic action to place its narrative of social justice & equity back on the state agenda are identified. 35 References. Adapted from the source document