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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Cognitive Variables

Author: Deibel-Braun et al.,Mary-Ann
Author Background:
Date 1998
Type Dissertation
Journal Title: Journal-of-Human-Behavior-in-the-Social-Environment
Volume/Pages 1(4) 73-102
Subject Matter Human Development
Abstract A literature review reveals systematic attempts to combine cognitive with behavior therapy. Certainly the cognitive variable is significant in the treatment of human behavior, yet it cannot be considered in isolation of other dimensions of behavior. Significant contributions have been made in the treatment of depression, phobias, anxiety, & panic attacks. Treatment elements have been applied to a diverse range of conditions, yet practice research has not documented statistical evidence of the effectiveness of the results. Greater attention needs to be given to the generalization & maintenance of treatment. Certainly the inclusion of cognitive variables in the assessment of human behavior enables comprehensive treatment of the individual, but further study is needed to isolate the aspect(s) of treatment producing the outcome. 83 References. Adapted from the source document