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Cognitive style, home background and conduct behaviour in primary school pupils.

Author: Riding,-Richard-J; Fairhurst,-Pamela
Author Background:
Date 3/2001
Type Journal
Journal Title: Educational-Psychology
Volume/Pages Vol 21(1): 115-124
Subject Matter Behavior, Intervention, Research, Gender, Schools, Children
Abstract The class teachers of 109 9-10-yr-old (Year 4/5) and 10-11-yr-old (Year 5/6) primary school pupils were asked to rate the classroom conduct behaviour and home background of their pupils on 5-point scales from very poor through to very good. This was done during the Summer term and repeated by the new teachers of the classes during the following Autumn term of the next school year. The measures were then taken as the means of the 2 ratings. The position of pupils on the Wholist-Analytic cognitive style dimension was assessed by means of the Cognitive Styles Analysis. There was a significant effect of Wholist-Analytic style on behaviour with the Wholists being the worst behaved. There was also an interaction between gender and home background with the females behaving better than the males, and this being most pronounced when the home background was rated as poor. The results were discussed in terms of their implications for teaching and parenting, and their similarities to studies of pupils at the secondary level. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)