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Cerebral ventricles are smaller in Hispanic than non-Hispanic patients with Alzheimer's disease: Reply. .

Author: Minagar, Alireza
Author Background:
Date 1/2001
Type Journal
Journal Title: Neurology
Volume/Pages Vol 56(1): 140
Subject Matter Aging, Research, Latinos, Alzheimers Disease
Abstract Replies to comments by J. G. Burneo et al (see record 2001-03009-015) on the article by A. Minagar et at (see record 2000-12119-008) that reported smaller ventricular size in Hispanic than in White non-Hispanic patients with probable Alzheimer's disease (AD). Minagar agrees with Burneo et al that self-classification of ethnicity, rather than caregiver-classification, is preferable, but many of the patients in the study were too demented to provide self-classification. The Burneo et al comment that Hispanic and White non-Hispanic are crude classifications that combine distinguishable subgroups is a valid one, however, the robust difference found between the groups in the study indicates that at last some degree of commonality was present within each group. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)