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Cerebral ventricles are smaller in Hispanic than non-Hispanic patients with Alzheimer's disease: Comment. .

Author: Burneo,-Jorge-G; Papamitsakis,-Nikolaos-I-H; Mitsias,-Panayiotis-D
Author Background:
Date 1/2001
Type Journal
Journal Title: Neurology
Volume/Pages Vol 56(1): 139-140
Subject Matter Aging, Latinos, Alzheimers Disease
Abstract Comments on the article by A. Minagar et at (see record 2000-12119-008) that reported smaller ventricular size in Hispanic than in White non-Hispanic patients with probable Alzheimer's disease (AD). The current authors suggest that the classification of the 2 ethnic subgroups studied, i.e., Hispanic vs White non-Hispanic based on identification of ethnicity by the caregiver, was not a valid classification. The authors also suggest that the terms Hispanic and White non-Hispanic are too ill-defined and that mentioning specific subgroups such as Cuban or Puerto-Rican would be more informative. Ethnic classification may vary between members of different communities, especially if done by someone other than the patient. Ethnicity as a variable in population studies is difficult to define, and therefore, its impact is hard to measure. More precise research methodology, perhaps based on genetic variables, could help to avoid inappropriate generalizations. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)