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Work-related reproductive health: A review.

Author: Cox,-Sara; Cox,-Tom; Pryce,-Joanna
Author Background: Nottingham Trent U, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Div of Psychology, Nottingham, England
Date 2000 Apr-Jun
Type Journal
Journal Title: Work-and-Stress
Volume/Pages Vol 14(2): 171-180
Subject Matter Gender, Research, Family Work Relationship; Health; Psychosexual Behavior; Sexual Reproduction; Working Conditions
Abstract Reviews literature concerning the impact of work on reproductive health. Little has been published on the effects of design and management of work and the subsequent experience of stress on reproductive health, sexual behavior, intercourse, conception, pregnancy, birth, and postnatal behavior. Any investigation into reproductive health must be sensitive and explore medical, psychological, social, and sociodemographic variables. Methodological concerns include an overemphasis on psychiatric morbidity, inattention to temporal influences, gender-based confounds, difficulties in identifying control groups, and ethical and practical issues. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)