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Who's in charge anyway? Managing the management split in mental health organizations.

Author: Eilenberg, J; Townsend, E.J; Oudens, E.
Author Background:
Date 5/2000
Type Journal
Journal Title: Administration and Policy in Mental Health
Volume/Pages 27(5): 287-297
Subject Matter Administration-Management; Leadership-; Mental-health-agencies
Abstract Most mental health organizations are run by chief executive officers (CEOs) who are not physicians, with medical directors reporting to the CEOs. In this article the historical and organizational origins of this arrangement are reviewed. The well-known disadvantages of shared management are discussed, as are the less obvious advantages. Through case vignettes the authors illustrate how bifurcated leadership can promote productive and creative administrative decisions. Guidelines are offered for strengthening collaborations between non-medical and medical mental health program directors. (This is one of six articles in a special issue on leadership in mental health administration.). (Journal abstract.)