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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Where girls and women won t go: female students , teachers , and social workers views of school safety

Author: Astor,-Ron-Avi; Meyer,-Heather-Ann
Author Background:
Date 10/1/99
Type Journal
Journal Title: Social Work in Education
Volume/Pages v 21 no4, p. 201-19
Subject Matter Gender Issues
Abstract Part of a special issue on gender. A study investigated gender issues surrounding violence and social dynamics in specific school locations. The participants were 78 students in grades 9-12, 22 teachers, and principals, vice principals, hall monitors, and security guards from five Midwestern high schools with a known violence problem. Results revealed that girls reported being more aware of violent events than boys and that girls identified more unsafe locations. Although teachers and administrators identified the same violence-prone locations, times, and victim-perpetrator groups as the students, the teachers had different perspectives from students and administrators about who was responsible for undefined school spaces. The findings suggest that female staff and students are more at risk than males when schools have undefined areas where violence is more likely to occur. A discussion of school social workers experiences and awareness of violence and gender issues is presented. DE: School-violence; Surveys-High-schools; School-buildings-Designs-and-plans-High-schools; Women-Crimes-against-women; Public-spaces