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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

When your son becomes your daughter: a mother s adjustment to a transgender child

Author: Lesser,-Joan-Granucci
Author Background:
Date 3/1/99
Type Journal
Journal Title: Families-in-Society
Volume/Pages v. 80 no2 Mar./Apr. 1999 p. 182-9
Subject Matter Gender Issues
Abstract This article applies the theory of self-psychology, developed initially by Heinz Kohut and more recently adapted to brief treatment and counseling the mother of an individual who underwent male to female sex reassignment surgery. It includes a brief summary of transgenderism and of self-psychology as a theoretical framework with specific focus on the self-object matrix as the therapeutic vehicle for change. The article illustrates the stages of treatment in a detailed case discussion that also raises concerns about how cultural gender bias contributes to shame and stigmatization.