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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Treatment of adolescent substance abusers: Issues for practice and research.

Author: Jenson,-Jeffrey-M.; Howard,-Matthew-O.; Jaffe,-Joanne
Author Background:
Date 1/1/95
Type Journal
Journal Title: Social-Work-in-Health-Care
Volume/Pages 21(2): 1-18.
Subject Matter Native Americans
Abstract Discusses the prevalence of adolescent alcohol and drug use, treatment issues, and the effectiveness of alternative treatments. National surveys of school youth generally show a decrease in the incidence and prevalence of most drug use, adecrease in male-female disparities in alcohol and drug use, and more prevalent substance use among Native Americans and Caucasians than among African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans. Adolescent treatment issuesinclude the overlap of substance use and other problem behaviors, the definition and assessment of adolescent substance abuse, the development of systems of care, and family involvement in treatment. The continuum oftreatment approaches is described, and common program components by treatment type are identified, including social skills training, family therapy, case management systems, and posttreatment support. More comprehensive socialwork training in treating addictions is needed.