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Trauma within the psychiatric setting: conceptual framework, research directions, and policy implications.

Author: Frueh, B.C; Dalton, M.E; Johnson, M.R; Hiers, T.G; Gold, P.B; Magruder, K.M; Santos, A.B.
Author Background:
Date 11/2000
Type Journal
Journal Title: Administration and Policy in Mental Health
Volume/Pages 28(2): 147-154
Subject Matter Administration-Management; Trauma-; Psychiatric-facilities; Policy
Abstract Recent studies show that trauma victimization is highly prevalent (51-98%) among people with severe mental illness, including individuals seen in the public sector (Mueser et al., 1998; Switzer et al., 1999). Further evidence indicates that posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is associated with nearly the highest rate of medical and mental health service use, and is therefore one of the costliest mental disorders (Greenberg et al., 1999; Solomon & Davidson, 1997). This article reviews and critiques the literature on trauma occurring within the psychiatric setting, presents several illustrative case reports, suggests a conceptual framework, proposes a research agenda to increase understanding of this important issue, and addresses implications for mental health administration and policy. (Introduction, edited.)