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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

The Mental Health of Asian and Pacific Island Elders: Implications for Research and Mental Health Administration

Author: Browne, Colette; Fong, Rowena; Mokuau, Noreen
Author Background:
Date 12/1/94
Type Journal
Journal Title: Journal-of-Mental-Health-Administration
Volume/Pages 21,1, winter, 52-59
Subject Matter Asian Pacific Islander
Abstract Despite the 1980-1990 growth of the Asian & Pacific Islander (API) population in the US, several studies have documented this population s comparative underuse of mental health services. A review of recent studies identifies a number of risk factors & protectors. Elder APIs appear to have poorer mental health compared to white counterparts, but not the poorest mental health within their own ethnic group. Within-group differences emerge, with recent immigrant groups & colonized populations appearing as most at-risk for mental health problems. A critical variable on this population s mental health status appears to be socioeconomic status, & yet analysis of other demographic variables, notably nativity & gender, remain contradictory. A research agenda is proposed, & implications for mental health administrators are suggested. 49 References. Adapted from the source document