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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

The development and initial validation of the Multicultural Environmental Inventory, a preliminary investigation.

Author: Pope, D. et al.
Author Background:
Date 2000
Type Journal
Journal Title: Cultural-Diversity-and-Ethnic-Minority-Psychology
Volume/Pages 6(1) 57-64
Subject Matter Multicultural, Graduate Education
Abstract This article describes the development and initial validation of the Multicultural Environmental Inventory (MEI). The MEI is an instrument designed to measure an individual's perceptions about the degree to which graduate counseling programs address multicultural issues within curriculum, supervision, climate, and research. This investigation was conducted using the data from 208 students and faculty from counseling psychology graduate programs across the United States approved by the American Psychological Association. By using techniques of exploratory factor analysis, a 4-factor solution was determined to account for the relationships among the items on the MEI. The instrument was modified from 53 to 27 items on the basis of the items' effectiveness in measuring the underlying constructs of interest, and internal consistency information is provided on the final revised instrument (MEI-R). The factors underlying the MEI-R are discussed within the context of a multicultural environment in graduate counseling programs, and directions for future research are considered. (Journal abstract.)