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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

The Collective Kitchens of Peru: 20 Years of Mutual Aid and Unified Development; Les Cuisines collectives du Perou: 20 ans d'entraide et de developpement solidaire

Author: Frechette,Lucie
Author Background:
Date 1998
Type Journal
Journal Title: Economie-et-Solidarites
Volume/Pages 29(2) 124-139
Subject Matter Community Development; International
Abstract The development of a new form of mutual aid in Quebec over the last decade is reported, noting its origins in social prevention & community development, & its responsiveness to the needs of people & places affected by poverty. The collective kitchen phenomenon got its start in the shantytowns of Latin America, but began to spread throughout Quebec exponentially, so that while there were only about 20 of these kitchens in 1987, there are currently 400+. The kitchens occupy a place at the intersection of health, social, & economic issues, & have a real potential to fight hunger, stretch the family budget, reduce social isolation, contribute to parenting skills, facilitate the social integration of marginalized persons, improve family life, & provide an opportunity for local & community economic development. 29 References. Adapted from the source document