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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Testing Community Empowerment Strategies in Zimbabwe: Examples from Nutrition Supplementation, and Water Supply and Sanitation Programmes

Author: Lenneiye,Mungai
Author Background:
Date Jan. 2000
Type Bulletin
Journal Title: IDS-Bulletin
Volume/Pages 31(1) 21-29
Subject Matter Community Development; International
Abstract Provides a brief overview & examples of how communities were involved in feeding programs during years of drought in Zimbabwe & in the management of rural water supply & sanitation programs throughout the 1980s. The balance between political & technical demands in the implementation of these programs indicates that they started off with community interests at the center, but gradually gave way to the needs of the bureaucracy (both political & administrative). The main lesson to be learned from these programs is that information on entitlements & obligations (on the part of communities & external agencies) is a prerequisite for successful community development projects. Further, the extent of accountability to communities is directly proportional to progress made toward the devolution of power to democratic development structures, be they directly or indirectly elected. 2 Tables, 1 Figure, 10 References. Adapted from the source document