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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Staff Development: An Ethical Imperative

Author: Mizio,Emelicia
Author Background:
Date 1998
Type Journal
Journal Title: Journal-of-Gerontological-Social-Work
Volume/Pages 30(1-2) 17-32
Subject Matter Aging, Latinos
Abstract The significance of staff development programs for practitioners who work with elderly Latinos is discussed. A literature review indicates several problems with organizations that use culturally competent approaches; eg, employees are placed in positions of conflict with elderly Latinos due to departmental policies. Several assumptions that underlie the integration of staff development into culturally competent practice are presented: (1) practitioners must assess human behavior & social environment theories to provide better service to clients; (2) staff development strengthens practitioners' adherence to ethical codes; & (3) social workers must acknowledge the racist nature of US society to challenge cultural stereotypes. The need for emphasis on the creation of self & Other awareness, use statistical information to challenge racist attitudes, & adaptation of staff development programs in specific contexts is explained. Although the assessment of social work programs is a complex process, it is concluded that staff development will increase culturally competency over time. 43 References. J. W. Parker