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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Social Development and Social Welfare: South Africa in an International Context

Author: Midgley, J.
Author Background:
Date 1/1/98
Type Journal
Journal Title: Maatskaplike-Werk / Social-Work
Volume/Pages 1998, 34, 1, special issue, 90-98
Subject Matter Social Research
Abstract Overviews the social development approach to social welfare in an analysis of the South African experience, arguing that progressive social change is best achieved through the creation of a dynamic developmental process. This process requires that economic & social policies be harmonized, people benefit directly from economic development, & social welfare programs contribute directly to economic development. Examples of relatively successful social development programs in Europe are briefly discussed. Although social development in South Africa has historically been directed by the apartheid regime, most scholars in the immediate posttransition period imagined that development would quickly transform into an egalitarian, participatory development system. However, conceptual & programmatic difficulties have hampered this transformation. It is concluded that South African scholars must address the relevant definitional & conceptual issues & closely analyze the implementation of the social development approach. 16 References. D. Ryfe