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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Seeking religious and spiritual competence: the perceptions of BSW students at a private, Catholic university

Author: Staral, J.M.
Author Background: Social Work Program, Dept. of Social & Cultural Sciences, Marquette Univ., Lalumiere Language Hall, PO Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881; e-mail: staralj@vms.csd.mu.edu
Date Fall 1999
Type Journal
Journal Title: Social-Work-and-Christianity
Volume/Pages 26(1): 101-111
Subject Matter Competence-; Social-work-education; Spirituality-; Religion-; Students
Abstract The NASW Code of Ethics requires social workers to be culturally competent in a number of areas, including competency regarding spirituality and religion. The author shares her students' perceptions and struggles, including their concerns about imposing values on others, fears of religious proselytizing, and confusion about the place of religion and spirituality in social work practice. The author includes her reactions and challenges as a faculty member seeking to develop this competence in her students. (Journal abstract.)