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Author: Bushnell, Amy Turner.
Author Background:
Date 1/1/97
Type Journal
Journal Title: Historical Archaeology
Volume/Pages 31(1)
Subject Matter African American
Abstract Most of colonial Spanish America was generally stable and peaceful during the middle period of Spanish-American cultural development (roughly the 17th century). However, the colonial frontiers,or peripheries (areas contested by two or more nations or cultures), were characterized by rapid expansion, pluralistic societies, political divisions, and recurring wars. The peripherieshave often been ignored in middle period histories. While frontier areas like Florida, Jamaica, New Mexico, and the Yucatan differed markedly, they shared a number ofcharacteristics and problems with each other and with other European nations outlying American colonies. Their middle period was a lively one that does not fit the usual conception ofthis era as quiet and stable, and is worthy of study.q