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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Reinterpreting strength and safety in a socio-cultural context dynamics of domestic violence and experiences of women of Japanese descent.

Author: Yoshihama,M.
Author Background:
Type Journal
Journal Title: Children-and-Youth-Services-Review
Volume/Pages 22(3/4) 207-229
Subject Matter Japanese American, Women, Domestice Violence
Abstract Despite the proliferation of research on domestic violence and child abuse in the U.S. over the last two decades, experiences of women of color remain seriously understudied. This community-based study of women of Japanese descent elucidates multiple, interlocking ways in which socio-cultural factors influence their responses to partners' violence, and exposes tensions between the constraints and benefits of culture. The constraints affect physical and emotional well-being as women are pressured to endure violence. Defying cultural proscriptions has its cost, potentially depriving a woman of her cultural integrity and her support system. This article reevaluates current social policy and programs in light of this tension, and calls for a new approach that acknowledges culture as a source of strength and support as well as its contribution to women's vulnerability to violence. (This is one of five articles in a special issue on woman abuse and child protection.). (Journal abstract, edited.)