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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Race, gender, and health.

Author: Bayne-Smith, Marcia (Ed)
Author Background:
Date 1/1/96
Type Book
Journal Title:
Volume/Pages Thousand Oaks, CA, USA: Sage Publications, Inc. (1996). xvii, 210 pp.
Subject Matter Asian Pacific Islander
Abstract AB: (from the cover) Health care constitutes the largest service industry in the US, yet there are groups and subgroups that have been historically underserved. Race, Gender, and Health explores the influence of race and gender on the health status of a diverse group of nonwhite women in the US. Exploring structural and cultural factors that affect women s health issues, the contributors provide an examination of 4 different groups of women: African American, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian/Pacific Islander American, and Latinas. /// This book provides information for students and professionals in the following fields: race, health care, gender, nursing and medicine, social work, sociology, anthropology, policy studies, public administration, caregiving, gerontology, and family studies. ((c) 1999 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved)