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Prevalence of adult ADHD symptoms in parents of ADHD children.

Author: Walker,-Craig-Weston
Author Background: California School Of Professional Psychology - Fresno, US
Date 7/2000
Type Dissertation
Journal Title: Dissertation-Abstracts-International:-Section-B:-The-Sciences-and-Engineering
Volume/Pages Vol 61(1-B): 551
Subject Matter Attention-Deficit-Disorder-with-Hyperactivity; *Biological-Family; *Symptoms, Research
Abstract Prevalence of ADHD symptoms in biological parents of ADHD-diagnosed children was examined using DSM-IV diagnostic criteria and the Attention Deficit Questionnaire-Revised. Results indicated qualification for ADHD diagnosis was independent of gender. A strong genetic component in ADHD transmission was also supported. In 21% of parent pairs, both parents qualified for ADHD diagnosis; 61% of biological parent pairs had at least one ADHD individual. Results support a 1:1 male-to-female prevalence ratio for ADHD diagnosis in adults. The need for revised intervention strategies with women reporting ADHD symptoms is discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)