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Predicting regular cigarette use among continuation high school students.

Author: Skara,-Silvana-N; Sussman,-Steve; Dent,-Clyde-W
Author Background: U Southern California, Inst for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research, Los Angeles, CA, US
Date 2001 Mar-Apr
Type Journal
Journal Title: American-Journal-of-Health-Behavior
Volume/Pages Vol 25(2): 147-156
Subject Matter Gender, Research, Young Adults, Demographic Characteristics; Psychosocial Factors; Tobacco Smoking
Abstract Provides a 1-yr prospective examination of social, behavioral, intrapersonal and demographic factors that predict transition from experimental to regular cigarette use among continuation high school students. A cohort of 252 students (aged 15-19 yrs) completed baseline and 1-yr followup questionnaires on health behavior. Results show that relatively low smoking prevalence estimates, intention to smoke in the next year, violence perpetration, perceived stress, sensation seeking, and male gender predicted the transition to regular use 1 yr later. It is concluded that intrapersonal variables may be relatively important in predicting the progression from experimental to regular smoking. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)