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Perceived Conditions of Confinement: A National Evaluation of Juvenile Boot Camps and Traditional Facilities

Author: Styve et al.,G.J.
Author Background:
Type Journal
Journal Title: Law-and-Human-Behavior
Volume/Pages 24,(3) 297-308
Subject Matter Adolescents
Abstract In a national study of juvenile correctional facilities, the perceived environment of 22 juvenile boot camps was compared to the perceived environment of 22 traditional facilities. Self-report surveys completed by 4,121 juveniles recorded information on demographics, risk factors, & perceptions of the facility's environment. Compared to juveniles in traditional correctional facilities, boot camp residents consistently perceived the environment as significantly more controlled, active, & structured, & as having less danger from other residents. Boot camp juveniles also perceived the environment as providing more therapeutic & transitional programming. Overall, from the perspective of the juveniles, boot camps appear to provide a more positive environment conducive to effective rehabilitation considering almost all of the conditions measured. A major concern is that in both types of facilities, juveniles perceived themselves to occasionally be in danger from staff (rated as rarely to sometimes). 2 Tables, 48 References. Adapted from the source document