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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Partnerships for Health... A Way of Working with Women's Groups to Improve Community Health in Rural Nepal

Author: Gibbon, M.
Author Background:
Date 1/2000
Type Bulletin
Journal Title: IDS Bulletin
Volume/Pages 31(1) 57-63
Subject Matter Community Development; International; Women
Abstract Describes how partnerships with women's groups can offer a way of improving health in the community, drawing on the experience of the Women's Empowerment Support Team (WEST) in Eastern Nepal in a context of limited resources for health provision. Through the use of an approach called the health analysis & action cycle, WEST enables women to analyze their local environment & identify problems & their solutions to improve the health situation. This leads to planning & implementation of activities & small projects that encourage improvements in health & social capital. The partnerships have led to a latrine-building program, women's literary circles, & group members carrying out health education in their communities. A dissemination workshop held in Nov 1998 motivated the local district development committee to consider how to scale-up the use of adaptations of the health analysis cycle approach. 3 Tables, 3 Figures, 9 References. Adapted from the source document