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Partner support and changes in relationships during life-threatening illness: Women's perspectives.

Author: Sormanti,-Mary; Kayser,-Karen
Author Background: Columbia U, School of Social Work, New York, NY, US
Date 2000
Type Journal
Journal Title: Journal-of-Psychosocial-Oncology.
Volume/Pages Vol 18(3): 45-66
Subject Matter Women, Care-givers, Research, Cancer; Significant Others; Social Support Networks
Abstract Examined the role of the primary partnered relationship as a factor in women's adjustment to cancer. Ss consisted of 40 women (aged 27-48 yrs) that were (1) currently receiving some form of treatment for cancer, (2) had been diagnosed at least 2 mo, but not more than 2 yrs, before the study, (3) were the mother of at least 1 child aged 12 yrs or younger and (4) were currently involved in a primary partnered relationship. Data from semistructured interviews (regarding partners' support and its impact on the primary partnered relationship) and the Mutual Psychological Development Questionnaire (measuring the mutuality of the primary partner relationship, including shared feelings, thoughts, and activity between people in relationships) were used to determine (1) how women with cancer perceive the effect of their illness on their primary partnered relationship, (2) what types of support women receive from their partners during the illness experience, (3) if this support is adequate and (4) the relationship between the mutuality of the primary partner relationship and the support given by the partner. Results indicate that the type of support the partner provides as well as the mutuality of the relationship contribute positively to women's coping. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)