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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Local Trajectories in the Global Economy

Author: Ettlinger, N.
Author Background:
Date 9/99
Type Journal
Journal Title: Progress-in-Human-Geography
Volume/Pages 23(3) 335-357
Subject Matter Community Development; Globalization
Abstract Offers a framework for conceptualizing local development, specifically in the context of foreign direct investment. The framework is established through a critique of three interrelated yet distinct literatures... (1) development, broadly conceptualized (ie, not necessarily referring to local development); (2) globalization, also broadly conceptualized (ie, not necessarily focused on foreign direct investment); & (3) local impacts of foreign direct investment, which is a crosscutting subset of development & globalization. All these literatures are polarized, & a more nuanced perspective is attempted. A normative definition of local development is offered, based on (A) an inclusionary definition of development & (B) convergence of corporate & worker well-being. Although empirical realities rarely correspond with normative constructs, such constructs are useful in examining & assessing change if the contingent conditions that impede or foster an idealized outcome are specified. These conditions are outlined with reference to several mediating factors, notably mode of production, & its interplay with policy & local context, understanding that agency crosscuts all these factors. 85 References. Adapted from the source document