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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Learning strategies and styles of the Mexican American middle school student

Author: Rice, Michael Keith
Author Background: U Alabama, US
Date 7/2000
Type Dissertation
Journal Title: Dissertation-Abstracts-International-Section-A:-Humanities-and-Social-Sciences
Volume/Pages Vol 61(1-A): 129
Subject Matter Research, Mexican American, Children, Cognitive
Abstract This research was conducted in an effort to gather information relative to the learning style characteristics of Mexican American middle school students. Specifically, the learning style characteristics of English-speaking Mexican American middle school students were compared to those of Anglo-American, limited English-proficient (LEP) Mexican American, and African American middle school students. Data were gathered in this study through the use of the Learning Style Inventory (LSI) (Dunn, Dunn, & Price, 1996) and through five focus group discussions that were conducted with a total of 14 Mexican American students. The LSI was administered to students at Doswell Junior High School in Doswell, Georgia. Through statistical comparison of the four groups that were previously mentioned, it was determined that there were statistically significant differences in the learning styles of English-speaking Mexican American and Anglo-American students in 6 of the 22 elements observed in the LSI. English-speaking Mexican American and LEP Mexican American students differed on three elements. English-speaking Mexican American and African American students differed on only one element. The focus group discussions yielded a great deal of information specific to the 14 participants. Among the trends that emerged from these discussions was an observation that parental involvement was significant in the lives of these students. When asked to identify the most influential person in his/her life, 12 of the 14 students indicated one or both parents. Another important concept discussed by the students revolved around learning with peers. Several of the students discussed methods of instruction that included interaction with peers. This dissertation concludes with recommendations for classroom practice as well as suggestions for further research. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2000 APA, all rights reserved)