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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

interface: reflections of an ethnic toygirl

Author: Yue, A.
Author Background: Dept. of English with Cultural Studies, The Univ. of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia
Date 1999
Type Journal
Journal Title: Journal of Homosexuality
Volume/Pages 36(3/4): 113-134
Subject Matter Lesbians-; Race-; Homosexuality-; Racial-discrimination
Abstract This essay interrogates the colonial modernity of Anglo-Australian lesbian hegemony through an experiential text which plays with the aesthetics of cyberspace. Mobilizing the hypertext mark up language (HTML) form of the Internet, it spatializes the creative, the erotic, and the political that landscape the vicissitudes of everyday life for a lesbian of Southeast Asian background living in Australia. interface performs as a tryst that drives the queer body politic through the postcolonial in-formations of color, race, gender, and identity. This text bears indelible marks from multiple sites and sources: the charges of electronic conversations and etchings on the World Wide Web; the raw pulp of inner-urban graffiti scrawls; passionate voicemails; racist policies in queer venues; fury banner posts; luscious lesbian cinema screenings; sexy fantasy malls; and fleshy style shopping, (Journal abstract.)