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Geriatric psychiatry: evolution of an inpatient unit.

Author: Grant, R.W; Casey, D.A.
Author Background:
Date 1/2000
Type Journal
Journal Title: Administration and Policy in Mental Health
Volume/Pages 27(3): 153-156
Subject Matter Administration-Management; Psychiatric-units; Aged-; Rehabilitation-; Geriatrics
Abstract This article describes a geriatric psychiatric unit based on a biopsychosocial (Engel, 1977) view of psychiatric illness and organized around a cognitive behavioral treatment milieu (Casey & Grant, 1993). The goal of the psychogeriatric unit is to restore function and, if possible, restore or preserve a fair quality of life (Verwoerdt, 1976). The unit displays many aspects of a rehabilitation service as well as a traditional psychiatric service. This approach has proven useful in restoring a hopeful but realistic outlook to patients, families, and staff. (Introduction, edited.)