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Gender and Race on the Campus and in the School: Beyond Affirmative Action. Proceedings of the AAUW College/University Symposium (3rd, Anaheim, California, June 19-21, 1997).

Author: American Association of Univ. Women, Washington, DC.
Author Background:
Date 6/1/97
Type meetings
Journal Title: American Association of Univ. Women, Washington, DC.
Subject Matter African American
Abstract These symposium proceedings on gender and race in education explore current research on equity and examine successful initiatives and model programs. The 41 papers are organized in eight sections titled: Shifting the Paradigm ; Model Programs ; Faculty Diversity and Development ; Curriculum and Teaching Methods ; Student Attitudes and Achievement ; Teacher Education ; Student Self-Image and Success in Grades K-12 ; and Organizational Perspectives .Paper topics include: equal educational opportunity; multiculturalism; monocultures; videotaped interviews as tools for exploring gender and race; combating campus prejudice; reentry students; gender equity; sexual harassment of faculty; race, gender,harassment of faculty; race, gender, and queer theory; identity and cultural diversity; student perceptions of classroom climate; student attitudes about affirmative action and antidiscrimination policies; thegender gap for women in higher education; strategies to enhance persistence in female graduate students; African American perceptions of mathematics; progressive education and feminist pedagogy; inclusion; gender equity in the elementary classroom;preservice teacher attitudes about gender-equitable teaching methods; multicultural perspectives in teacher education; academic success of girls in mathematics and science; gender and racial influences on child behavior; legal standards for judging peersexual harassment in primary and secondary schools; the culture of women s sports; the impact of Title IX; the Leadership Institute, model program; and the Wellesley centers for women.