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First contact: queer theory, sexual identity, and mainstream film

Author: Cover, R.
Author Background:
Date 1/00
Type Journal
Journal Title: International-Journal-of-Sexuality-and-Gender-Studies
Volume/Pages 5(1): 71-89
Subject Matter Theories; Homosexuality; Sexual-identity; Media
Abstract This paper begins by raising questions about the role of queer theory in media critique, centering on a discussion of four recent mainstream mass-circulation films with significant lesbian and/or gay content. It is asserted that these films operate within accepted discourses on sexuality that require both the notions of public self-disclosure and of the truth of the hetero/homo binary. The methods used by media productions to disseminate that discourse from a lesbian/gay point of view are discussed in terms of the implications of such mass-circulation films being for many persons a first contact point with that discourse. (Journal abstract.)