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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin, 1997.

Author Background:
Date 1/1/97
Type Journal
Journal Title: Family-Violence-&-Sexual-Assault-Bulletin
Volume/Pages 13(1-4)
Subject Matter African American
Abstract These two issues contain reviews of legal/legislative issues, research and treatment issues, book and video materials, and on-line resources and websites relating to family violence and sexual assault. The first issue, contains Empowering AfricanAmerican Children To Become Resilient: Early Success in Overcoming Violent Families and Communities (A. Leavelle Cox), a feature article that describes a study of 15 successful African American adults who found they felt empowered aschildren to set goals and to decide within themselves to separate early, both psychologically and physically from their hostile, chaotic, and violent environments. The second issue contains the following feature articles: Helping Sexually AbusedChildren through Using Strengths and Resiliency Approaches (Kim M. Anderson), which presents the strengths perspective in social work and the resiliency literature in developmental psychopathology as an alternative conceptual framework forpractitioners working with sexually abused children; and Domestic Violence as a Contributing Factor in Divorce: Perspectives of Divorcing Parents (Frederick Buttell), which reports the results of a study of 155 divorcing parents that found thesubjects reported a significant level of domestic violence as having occurred in their marital relationship and that these abusive behaviors led to their decision to divorce.