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Exploring the social construction of bereavement: perceptions of adjustment and recovery in bereaved men.

Author: Rubin, S.S; Schechter, N.
Author Background:
Type Journal
Journal Title: American-Journal-of-Orthopsychiatry.
Volume/Pages 67(2) 279-89
Subject Matter Gender, Bereavement
Abstract The general public's view of bereavement in Israel was studied by means of a series of vignettes describing various reactions of a man at mid-life alternately to the death of an adult son and then to the death of a spouse. Respondents believed that the bereaved were particularly affected when the deceased was an adult child; functioning was impaired; and the relationship to the deceased was conflictual. A continuing relationship to the deceased was considered normative five years after death. Implications for theory and clinical practice are offered. (Journal abstract.) .